No 1 Conversion

A website is not a brochure. You will get nowhere without user engagement and client conversion.

Your website is not your marketing strategy, unless maybe you run an online shop selling technology or fashion. Your website is first and foremost a tool that incorporates your marketing strategies, to sell your products and services. Accordingly, your website will fail to generate business if you fail to identify the needs of your visitors, to foster your primary sales channels or provide by any means reasons and opportunities for your visitors to make business with you.

No 2 Problem

Nobody cares about your website.

The only thing your visitors actually do care about is solving their problems. They probably want to do this right now, and they want to do it right here, on your site. So you better illustrate their problems and provide solutions at the same time. There are four general problems, that your visitors are looking to solve on your website:

  • 1. They need information.
  • 2. They need to buy something or want to donate.
  • 3. They want to be entertained.
  • 4. They want to join a community.

No 3 Challenge

You have 4 seconds to engage and convert a visitor into a customer before he leaves your site.

schmackes follows a simple yet effective four step plan to assure you get the most out of your website:

No 4 Solution

    1. Base ➟

  • Valid code
  • Semantic code
  • Loading speed
  • Responsive design
  • SEO
  • Web analytics

    2. Content ➟

  • CI
  • Text - Image
  • Media
  • Use of color
  • Typography
  • Copy quality
  • Significance

    3. Usability ➟

  • UI/UX
  • Readability
  • Consistency
  • Simplicity
  • Compatibility
  • Android-iOS

    4. Conversion ↫

  • SEO strategies
  • Sales channels
  • Landing Pages
  • CTA
  • Social Media
  • Evaluation
  • Adjustments

No 5 Process

First we have to really understand your business.

Then we come up with a solid marketing and SEO strategy, a consistent design, a clear approach to conversion and how to channel and raise your sales.

No 6 Results

“It´s almost three years now, that they have been helping me to constantly grow my bakery. They have contributed a bunch of great ideas always having in mind who my customers are and what they want. We are now making use of various sales channels and Omi Gretchen is transforming into a brand known for healthy and authentic quality bakery in Chile. I like that they have always been reliable and flexible, putting great effort in taking the next step.”

— Juana Asenjo, Pastelería Alemana Omi Gretchen

No 8 Impressions

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