No 1 Key Questions

We help you to identify your unique selling points. What can you do better than your competition? How can you increase your sales? How to shape your products and services, in order to reach your target groups?

schmackes assists you in finding answers to essential questions.

We deal with what is there right now, with what is necessary, relevant, and indispensable to a matter at hand. We shape strategies because action without a plan is directionless. Our strategic planning process grows businesses even amid economic challenges.

No 2 Solutions

You work with us on three levels to make your business stand out from the rest and to be a long-term success.

    1. Consulting

  • Company founding
  • Market analysis
  • Product/ Service
  • Client profiling
  • Distribution
  • Revenue optimization
  • Sales strategies
  • Accounting
  • On-site analysis

    2. Implementation

  • Corporate identity
  • Web page
  • Virtual instruments
  • Connectivity
  • Sales channels
  • Media production
  • On-site evaluation
  • Adjustment

    3. Team Improvement

  • Client service
  • Sales strategies
  • Complaint management
  • Social Media strategies

No 3 Costs

Our flexible structure allows us to provide excellent advice. We develop and control simple solutions to complex problems and guide you at the best price.

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